What’s my SIM card serial number for?

Your SIM serial number (SSN), sometimes called the ICC-ID (Integrated Circuit Card ID), is for international identification. The SNN typically has 19 digits and contains specific details about your operator, your location, and when it was made. The first two digits are the telecom ID, the second two digit refer to your country code, the third two digits are the network code, the next four digits are the month and year of manufacturing, the next two digits are the switch configuration code, the next six digits are the SIM number, and the last digit is the check digit.

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  • mofkay kakoma

    how can i find my lost phones imei number using my sim card number

    • JustAskGemalto

      Unfortunately the IMEI number is only stored on the phone and not the SIM. If you find your phone it should be written on the phone itself or accessed by pressing *#06#.

  • Daniel Glezer

    The SSN have a positional pattern setting? For example: the first two digits is a identification of the country, the next two are the company cell, etc?

    • JustAskGemalto

      Hi Daniel,

      You are correct! There is a pattern based on the manufacturer and geography as well as other factors.


  • Aruna Richard Bockarie

    Am happy

  • JustAskGemalto


    Please dial *#06# on your keypad to bring up your phone’s serial number.