What safety practices does Microsoft recommend for kids and online games?

Microsoft is a pioneer in gaming consoles — Xbox LIVE is still the benchmark in online gaming. The company has also created an Xbox Live code of conduct page, which lists dos, don’ts, consequences and general precautions. The JustAskGemalto team reviewed Microsoft’s safety tips and highlighted six:

1. Put the computer or game console in a location where you can monitor activity.
2. Establish rules before your child starts to play the game.
3. If a player uses offensive language, select the offending player’s name from the players list, mute or block their messages, report them to game administrators using e-mail, chat or feedback.
4. Help ensure privacy. Advise kids to never give out any personal information (for example, name, age, gender or home address), pictures of themselves, or agree to meet someone in person, when using online chats. Make sure they know to tell you immediately if someone asks them for this information.
5. Protect game accounts with strong passwords. Strong passwords are at least eight characters (the longer the better) and include a mix of letters, numbers and symbols.
6. Use voice chat wisely. Some game systems allow voice chatting with other players through the use of a headset; while not recommended for younger children, voice masking can disguise a child’s real voice.

Read more of Microsoft’s recommendations on Xbox gaming security at:

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