What is mobile instant messaging? Is it secure?

Mobile instant messaging, sometimes shortened to MIM, is the technology that allows mobile phone users to access instant messaging services right from their smartphone.

Many of the instant messaging services that you know from your desktop also provide mobile instant messaging. These include AIM, Google talk, Yahoo!, MSN and ICQ. Now, instant messaging client providers are taking it one step further, and allowing you to manage all of your instant messaging accounts from one single mobile application. Recently, readers of the popular website Lifehacker voted Meebo the best mobile instant messaging application, followed by Trillian and Google Talk.

Mobile instant messaging, like instant messaging on your PC, is not considered to be highly secure. Many of the applications rely on the underlying encryption of your wireless network. However, keep in mind it is a wireless application that like any other is susceptible to threats from hackers and/or viruses. Therefore is it important to use strong passwords, change them often and use different passwords for high value sites like banking. Also, a best practice is to use mobile instant messaging for fast and quick chat, not for divulging any personal information.

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