What is HomeATM and how does it work for online purchases?

“HomeATM is a Canadian company who is testing the ability to use a USB device that connects to your PC and gives you a way to use your debit card and PIN at Web site checkouts.  Online retailers would have to change their Web checkout to enable you to use it, however, and the company appears to be still testing the concept.  More information is on the company’s Web site below.

The HomeATM idea is a good one, if it works and many online stores accept it.  If you can make something physical that you have, like an ATM card, along with something you know, like your ATM card PIN code, part of a secure online transaction, it helps protect your personal payment information.  (See also, What is the safest way to pay online? and, What are 3D Secure, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode?)”