What family settings are available for Xbox LIVE?

Xbox offers settings to help you customize your children’s access to games, videos and the Xbox LIVE online entertainment service. These tools let you:

  • – Control what your kids can play
  • – Decide who may play or communicate with your children online
  • – Limit console play time using the Family Timer
  • – Protect your selections with a pass code

To do this, go My Xbox under the Xbox 360 welcome dashboard. Select Family Settings. Or, for Family Pack subscribers, select Family Center, then Family Settings. Turn Console Safety “On.” Create a password and secret security question, and then save your settings. Now you’re ready to customize your settings by choosing Game Ratings, and Exemptions, Movie/TV viewing controls and Manage Time. For more detailed instructions, you can visit http://www.getgamesmart.com/tools/

Console Safety settings apply to everyone, so if an older member of the household wants to play a more mature game or play for a longer period of time, the setting can be temporarily overridden by entering your secret pass code.