replacement passport process

How do I get an emergency replacement passport if I am traveling?

In general you have to appear personally at the embassy. If possible, bring a copy of the local police report with you from when you reported the loss or theft. You should be prepared to prove your identity as best you can, given that you do not have your passport. Plan ahead and bring emergency documentation with you such as a driver's license, a photocopy of the missing passport, an expired passport or even your birth certificate. Be sure to keep these in a place different from your passport.

What is a “smart” transit card?

A “smart” transit card is a fare card that contains a computer chip and is used for travel on public transit subways, busses and trains in a city. Transit operators worldwide have been replacing the traditional magnetic stripe technology on transit cards with contactless smart card chip technology, which is far more fraud resistant. Contactless means you do not have to insert your card into a reader in order to pay your bus or subway fare. You tap the card on the metro gate or bus fare box to pay. The chip stores the money available for transit fare purchases.

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