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Nigeria rolling out eID cards

Nigeria – home to 160 million residents – is launching a national identity smart card that will include biometrics and an EMV payment application. At the end of August the first residents of Nigeria received their copy of the eID, a contact, polycarbonate smart card that replaced the current printed plastic identification document. 


Lip movements could be used as a biometric security measure

Researchers have found that every person moves their lips a little differently when they speak and this could be used as a ""visual password"" for biometric security.

Ahmad Hassanat at the University of Mu'tah in Jordan has developed a new software that look for patterns of lip and mouth movements associated with different words as people spoke to a camera.


Biometrics are coming for you

Biometrics are on the rise — and they’re coming to a store, street and office near you. The private sector is funneling billions of dollars into researching and developing facial recognition and analysis technologies that can provide new consumer insights to advertisers and businesses.

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