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Who can I call about online sexual abuse to children?

Online sexual exploitation of children is a significant problem and a serious crime. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, working with the FBI and other government agencies, maintains the CyberTipline, a means of confidentially reporting incidents of online sexual abuse of children for action by law enforcement agencies.

As a parent, how can I prepare my children to deal with cyber bullying?

• Education is the most effective tool to help your children deal with cyber bullying. Some tips:

• Understanding the motives can stop bullying. Start by teaching them to recognize the four profiles of cyber bullies and their motives (See also “What is cyber bullying and who are the bullies?”).

• Ask your child about incidences of bullying in their school to see what they know.


What safety practices does Microsoft recommend for kids and online games?

Microsoft is a pioneer in gaming consoles -- Xbox LIVE is still the benchmark in online gaming. The company has also created an Xbox Live code of conduct page, which lists dos, don’ts, consequences and general precautions. The JustAskGemalto team reviewed Microsoft’s safety tips and highlighted six:


What do I need to know about Nintendo Wii security and parental controls?

The Nintendo Wii offers parental controls for individual video game playing. You may choose the 'highest rated video game' you want your children to play. The ratings are based on those of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) and include Early Childhood through Mature-rated games. The default setting allows all to be played. You can learn more about the ESRB ratings from: How can I tell which video games are age appropriate for my children? When connected to the Internet, children can be restricted from:


How can I guide my children on using social networking sites safely?

Educating yourself is the first step to help your child use social networking sites safely.  

• Start by reading the tips about kids’ online safety on JustAskGemalto.
• Familiarize yourself with some of the popular sites for kids in their
age group.
• Encourage your child to come to you with concerns or questions.

What social networking risks should I talk about with my children?

When it comes to talking with your children about social networking risks, the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” couldn’t be more apropos.  Information on the Internet can be shared widely and rapidly, making it nearly impossible to take back or alter once it’s out there.  Here are risks to discuss with your children when using social media:  

How do I protect my children’s personal information on social networking sites?

Children need to know the details of protecting themselves on social networking sites.  A Harris/McAfee poll found that 87 percent of teens go online from a computer or mobile device outside of their home.  And, they are not just accessing the sites from their Macs or PCs but also from smartphones and hand-held gaming devices.  Here are some rules to follow:  

• Never include physical location in status updates.
• Chat only with people you know in the real world.

Are there family-friendly social networking sites to share photos and events?

There are family-friendly social networking sites that offer several social media components including “Friend” connections for sharing content, comments and photos.  Look for sites that are set-up for security so children are not able to share personal information.  In Europe, kids are having a lot of fun using avatars to play games and communicate with one another.  Here are some of the most popular Web sites:


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