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Heartbleed flaw could reach to digital devices, experts say

When the Heartbleed bug was disclosed on Monday, the attention focused on the fallout for major Internet companies like Yahoo and Amazon. But security experts said the potential for harm could extend much further, to the guts of the Internet and the many devices that connect to it.


Keeping Your Children Safe Online

In these days of the Internet, security is a growing concern. In a context where the Internet community is increasing in leaps and several billion pages are uploaded to the web every day, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s out there. Protecting children online is a priority, and similar to teaching a child to ride a bike or drive a car, we should be helping them learn how to navigate the online world.

It’s official: Password strength meters aren’t security theater

If you've ever been nagged about the weakness of your password while changing account credentials on Google, Facebook, or any number of other sites, you may have wondered: do these things actually make people choose stronger passcodes? A team of scientists has concluded that the meters do work—or at least they have the potential to do so, assuming they're set up correctly.

Internet security for kids; less parental control, more communication

As a society, we’ve been talking about youth online risk for years, but we’ve only just begun to talk about young people’s resilience, which is what helps them keep risk from turning into harm. It’s important to know, as the authors of an important new report note, that resilience – the ability to deal with negative experiences without being upset by them – doesn’t come from avoiding risk, online or offline.

‘Red October’ cyber-attack campaign discovered

A high-profile cyber-attack campaign dubbed 'Red October' that has been in operation since 2007 has been discovered, internet security specialist Kaspersky Lab has confirmed.  Targeting sensitive information held by diplomatic, governmental and scientific research organisations worldwide, the cyber-attack campaign has been discovered following an investigation launched by the malware experts in October 2012. The Red October threat, which can be traced back almost six years, also goes by the codename ‘Rocra’.

What should I teach my children about downloading music?

When it comes to downloading music, it is important to teach your children about safe, and legal, downloading practices. Here are some great tips to share with your children:

1- Teach them the word “copyright.” Downloading and/or sharing music that is copyrighted without the consent of the copyright owner is illegal. Alert your children that the federal government takes illegal download of media very seriously, and criminal penalties have been as much as five years and prison and/or $250,000 in fines.



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