How can I keep my laptop’s battery healthy?

Whenever we use our laptops, we are all chained to the little battery icon. Always monitoring how much power our device has before scrabbling for a charger. And it is always frustrating to see the battery die. Unfortunately, this cannot be stopped – overtime, a laptop’s battery life will deteriorate and wear out with frequent … Continued

Four developments in IoT to look out for in 2018

The IoT has moved from fiction to reality, transforming businesses in every industry – from providing doctors with patient data in real time, to tracking online groceries, to automating transport. In fact, both consumers and corporations are embracing the world-changing impact of IoT. IoT and AI are also set to be major investment trends in … Continued

How can I spot a fake app?

Today, apps are everywhere. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet probably has many apps installed for everything from games and entertainment to shopping and productivity. However, with millions being spent on apps every day, there’s a growing threat of counterfeit phone apps which are not always easy to spot. But there are steps you can … Continued

Black Friday scams and six ways to protect yourself

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and that means one thing – DEALS, DEALS, DEALS! It’s interesting how the trend has shifted within the last few years, from long overnight queues at shopping centers with people trying to get “the deal of a lifetime” to many choosing to shop online from … Continued

Help! I think my email address has been hacked!

If you’re sure that your details have been stolen there are steps you can take to resolve the issue and take back control of your account. Likewise, if you are not, there are some useful websites you can use to tell you whether your email has been compromised. How has this happened? Hackers are finding … Continued

Spotting Email Scams

It is becoming increasingly difficult to spot whether an email is genuine. The scammers and hackers are very good at disguising their attacks in messages that look and feel just like the real thing. We have developed this guide to help you watch out for the warning signs that something is not right.

IoT Tech for the Home: Your Guide

The modern world demands technological innovation to improve the way we live our lives. Connected cars and readily-available Wi-Fi are making our cities smarter for us to use. Now, the technology—also known as The Internet of Things—is expanding into our homes. With the latest in this technology, we can now order our groceries, adjust the … Continued

Top tips for speeding up your computer

As society looks towards AI and robotics to increase our productivity and assist our everyday working and social life, experiencing a slow computer can appear to be something that shouldn’t happen anymore. Yet, this is a problem many needlessly face every day. Whether it is when starting up your laptop or flicking between applications on … Continued

How do I check if a website is down?

Sometimes when you are browsing the Web you’ll hit a website that looks like it’s offline. But how can you tell if it’s really down, or whether your connection is the problem. On Mobile and tablets (with SIMs) If you were using Wi-Fi, have you just walked out of range? Or is your Wi-Fi turned … Continued

How do I turn off location tagging on my smartphone camera?

Did you know that when you take a digital photograph, it’s possible that it can pinpoint exactly where you were in the world when you took it? That’s because every time you take a digital photo, the image file also contains something called EXIF data. EXIF data stores all sorts of other things to help … Continued