How do I clean up my Facebook presence?

Ever get the feeling that your Facebook profile is, well, just a little bit messy? Perhaps your news feed is filled with information that doesn’t interest you, or maybe you’re getting lots of notifications for items that have little relevance to your interests or activities. Here’s a quick guide to cleaning up your Facebook presence. … Continued

How to rotate a video

Sometimes when we shoot a video on our smartphones or cameras, we find that when we watch it back, it is on its side, or even upside down. Unlike a photo, you can’t simply rotate it easily. This is because a video is essentially 24 photos for every second you shoot. So to turn the … Continued

Reader response: How do I regain my phone contacts?

The answer depends on whether you’re an Android or iPhone user. If you’re an Android user, it’s a little complex. You’ll need the Android recovery tool on your Windows or Mac computer. Next, you’ll need to link your Android to the computer and make sure USB debugging is enabled on your phone (if it isn’t, … Continued

Reader response: How can I protect my Netflix?

We like this question about protecting your Netflix account. For those who don’t know, Netflix is a popular entertainment subscription service, where users can watch TV series and films. As this reader clearly appreciates, it’s important to protect your Netflix account. If a cyber-attacker were able to acquire your login details, they could potentially access … Continued

How can technology help you decide who to vote for in the U.S. election?

Navigating the complex political landscape ahead of the U.S. presidential election can be tricky. Media stories, campaign ads and debates are all aimed at distilling and communicating candidates’ messages. But sifting through the huge amounts of information available in order to find out which policies are most important to you, and subsequently who to vote … Continued

Tips for improving your Wi-Fi signal

You might be paying for super-fast broadband, but if your wireless router set-up is wrong, you could experience slow-speeds and disconnections. Here are some top tips to improve your Wi-Fi reception. 1. Change your Wi-Fi channel Your wireless router beams out signal at a certain frequency, much like a radio mast. If a neighbor is … Continued

How do I share articles on social media?

One of the best aspects of social media is the ability to share important, engaging or humorous news content with your friends. Sharing news stories and features can also enhance people’s engagement with your profile, which is crucial if you’re keen to maximise your impact on social media platforms, a particularly important part of Twitter. … Continued

10 more PC keyboard shortcuts to change your life

Simple keyboard tips and tricks can save you time and hassle. They take seconds to learn and once you know them, your working life will never be the same! In our previous post we covered 10 top shortcuts and in this guide we’ll take things further, with 10 more useful tricks for PCs. Ctrl + … Continued

How do I choose the best mobile provider?

Choosing your mobile provider can be a little bit nerve-racking. With so many options out there, how on earth are you supposed to make the choice that’s best for you? Making a good decision involves taking into consideration a number of factors; the price, the phone you want to use, the type of contract that’s … Continued