What is Facebook Watch?

As you’ll know from our recent post on Facebook Spaces, the social media giant is constantly innovating. Now it’s added a new feature, which establishes it as a rival to the video-sharing giant, YouTube. The media industry is changing rapidly. Just 15 years ago the TV was dominant, but now it’s fading into obscurity as … Continued

What is Facebook Spaces?

As discussed previously, VR technology displays a 3D computer-generated dimension which can be explored by a person through a headset or glasses. Facebook purchased Oculus, a leading manufacturer and developer in VR software and headsets for two billion dollars back in 2014. The industry held its breath as it waited to see how Facebook would … Continued

What is Musical.ly?

Musical.ly is a video social network app on iOS and Android that lets users, or musers as they’re known, create short videos from 15 seconds to a minute all set to music. These can then be shared to friends, and the platform has become wildly popular with teens who love to lip-sync to their favorite … Continued

How do I turn off location tagging on my smartphone camera?

Did you know that when you take a digital photograph, it’s possible that it can pinpoint exactly where you were in the world when you took it? That’s because every time you take a digital photo, the image file also contains something called EXIF data. EXIF data stores all sorts of other things to help … Continued

How do I find out my Uber rating?

Uber is a taxi company operated entirely through an app. Using their smartphone, customers can use maps to arrange a pick-up location. Once a taxi has been requested they are able to see who their driver is, their rating (awarded by users at the end of their journey) and registration plate. This not only makes … Continued

Can I tell who’s been viewing my social media profile?

You might be interested in who’s been viewing your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile. Unfortunately, the only way of knowing is if someone interacts with your page – reacting to something you’ve shared or adding you as a friend. There are many fraudulent Facebook apps or plug-ins claiming to allow you to see who’s been … Continued

Do my Snapchats really disappear?

We’ve talked about Snapchat on JustAskGemalto before. It’s a mobile messenger service which makes your photos and text messages disappear forever after a few seconds. You can also do other cool things like read the news in short clips, take photos with Augmented Reality filters and build your own “story” each day. Click here to … Continued

What is Mastodon?

You might have heard about Mastodon, an increasingly popular, open-source social network fast establishing itself as a rival to Twitter. There are lots of similarities with Twitter. You can set up a profile, make updates to your timeline, post short messages which have a character limit (although greater than Twitter’s – 500 characters) and follow … Continued

Facebook rocket icon: what is it and what is it for?

A select number of Facebook user has recent seen a rocket icon pop up in their apps. It looks like this: Facebook is always rolling out new features, and it’s a new idea that the company hopes will lead to a more engaging experience for their users. Here is their official statement on the icon: … Continued

What are Instagram albums?

Instagram burst onto the mobile app scene in 2010 as a free photo-sharing and editing app. It rapidly gained popularity, securing 100 million active users by 2012; and was then bought by Facebook for $1 billion. In February 2017, Instagram announced that it was launching a new feature, allowing users to share multiple photos and … Continued