What are false declines and can I prevent them?

With the boom in internet shopping the amount of fraud taking place online has also risen exponentially. In response to this, financial institutions introduced numerous measures intended to help keep legitimate consumer financial transactions safe. A good example is if you have been trying to purchase something online and have had to type in a … Continued

Top tips for working from home

While the Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged governments and businesses to mandate working from home in many countries, the concept has already bedded into many offices’ working practices for a few years now. Despite this, for many people it’s a totally new concept and can be a daunting change of pace for those used to heading … Continued

How does card skimming work, and can you prevent it?

If you’ve never encountered a card skimmer, you should count yourself lucky. These small, illegal devices fit on top of card readers at ATM’s and other self-service sale terminals and can have a devastating impact on your personal finances, should they capture your card data. Skimming fraud is part of a wider group of fraud … Continued

How does skin-detection identification software work?

By now, you may be aware that biometrics is one of the fastest growing segments of the security industry and is primarily used to grant access to services. Some of the familiar techniques for identification are facial recognition, fingerprint detection, handwriting verification, hand geometry, retinal and iris scanner. Of these, face and fingerprint recognition have … Continued

Why is Apple slowing down my old iPhone?

In 2017, an independent investigation by Primate Labs examined a common complaint from Apple users looking at whether iPhones really do run more slowly when a new model hits the market. Although in the end their findings showed that the slowdowns were not timed to coincide with new iPhone launches, the company did uncover that … Continued

What is 3D Printing and how does it work?

What is a 3D printer? 3D printers are a new generation of machines that can make everyday objects in a variety of different materials, including metal, resin and plastic. This creates a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model. The process has been widely regarded as revolutionary as it enables you to produce complex shapes, … Continued

What is California’s IoT Security Law and why does it matter?

Over the past several years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has come to play an increasingly important role in our lives. Smart thermostats now heat our homes, smart home hubs help plan our lives, and smart wearable devices let us monitor our health. However, IoT security is a growing concern as the number of connected … Continued

What is my IMEI number and how do I use it?

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a unique 15-digit serial number for identifying a device and every mobile phone in the world has one. These IMEI numbers are stored in a database called the EIR (Equipment Identity Register), which contains information about all valid mobile phone equipment. This is because the EIR’s job … Continued

How to recycle your old mobile phone

You may be surprised to learn that the average person gets a new mobile phone every 18 months. As such, it is estimated that some 77 million phones are lying around unused in the UK alone. With these astonishing numbers only likely to increase in the future, it is important to realize that throwing your … Continued