How does a phishing scam work? Former ethical hacker Jason Hart explains

Phishing scams are designed to trick you into revealing your usernames and passwords. The most common way this data is obtained is by: you clicking a link you believe to be genuine that ends up downloading malware on your computer—which then reads your keystrokes revealing your details you entering your details on a site or … Continued

Ways to remember a PIN code

We use PIN codes to unlock our smartphones and use bank ATMs every day. But sometimes when we don’t use a phone for a while or have many different cards, it can be easy to forget those crucial digits. So, what can you do about it? Well the obvious answer is to use something impossible … Continued

What is a DDoS attack?

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you’ll have probably heard about DDoS attacks. It was recently revealed 73% of organizations across the world had suffered one. Massive DDoS attacks have recently been launched on the popular news magazine, Newsweek, and the cybersecurity journalist, Brian Krebs’, website. So what are they, and is it possible … Continued

Can drones be hacked?

Drones are quickly becoming more popular, especially as the ones equipped with cameras come down in price. But while they can be amazingly entertaining to fly and have fun with, there are concerns that they are vulnerable to hackers. It has long been known that once a device transmits data, that data can be intercepted. … Continued

Yahoo Hack: what should I do?

Yahoo is current the record holder for being the victim of the biggest hack of all time. The details of over a billion users were stolen in 2013, information that only came to light in December 2016. If you have an account with Yahoo here the steps you need to immediately take: Change your password … Continued

Five types of hacker you need to guard against

On JustAskGemalto, we’ve talked a lot about the dangers of hackers. With cyber-attacks occurring more regularly than ever before and all sorts of organizations and individuals being targeted – TalkTalk, US election databases, even Mark Zuckerberg – it’s important to know more about the motivations behind these breaches. There are many different types of hackers; … Continued

Tech trends 2017: cybersecurity

It was revealed in December that Yahoo had fallen victim to another hack, jeopardizing the security of over 1 billion accounts. Sadly, cyber-attacks are becoming more common, which means it’s vital to protect yourself online. To discuss issues raised in our Cyber Investigators comic, a story about a debilitating attack on a tech company, we … Continued

How does the SIM card in your mobile work?

A SIM card stands for a Subscriber Identity Module, and it’s actually a small computer, but much, much smaller. The SIM card has a number of jobs that are essential to how your mobile phone works. Identity verification One of the most important jobs of the SIM card is to identify you as the genuine … Continued