What is RCS and how does it work?

Communicating via text messages has become something common in recent years, especially since the massive adoption of smartphones and the large impact of the internet on our lives as a whole. In fact, it even predates the iPhone. SMS text messaging was deployed commercially in December 1992 and became really popular in the late 90s-early … Continued

How to screen record on iPhone, Mac, Android and PC

Video has become a much larger part of our lives in recent years. It used to be that people just wanted to take a screen shot or print screen. But things have moved on and now it’s all about video. You might want to show your friend how to do something, or you might want … Continued

Google+: Why is it shutting down?

Google has been forced to shut down its social media website ‘Google+’ after it was revealed that the company suffered a large data breach, exposing hundreds of thousands of private user data to third-party developers. In what is being described as Google’s “Cambridge Analytica” moment, a security flaw gave app developers access to users’ profile … Continued

Google’s 20th Birthday

Google has turned 20 and everyone is asking themselves where the time has gone. Twenty years ago, in 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two Stanford PHD students launched a new search engine designed to organize and make the world’s information widely accessible. Today, Google is one of the world’s leading technology companies, attracting 3.5 … Continued

What’s new in iOS 12?

Every year, Apple releases an update to its iOS operating system which often comes with an array of new features for the iPhone and iPad. This year, the update is packed with new developments for you to try out. Look at some of the highlights from iOS 12: Increased performance for older models In the … Continued

What is M2M?

Machine-to-machine, often referred to as M2M, is part of the Internet of Things applications and refers to the exchange of data and information between the industrials machines connected to the internet. These interactions happen through any communication channel, including wired and wireless. The connected objects create an intelligent network of ‘things’ or systems by capturing … Continued

What is Big Data?

Today, almost everything we do leaves a digital trail. Every time we visit a website, shop online or carry our GPS-equipped smartphones, and even when we communicate with our friends through social media or chat applications, we generate data. On top of this, the amount of machine-generated data is rapidly growing too. Data is generated … Continued