What’s done to protect access to my information in the “cloud”?

Most cloud computing applications rely on usernames and passwords to protect access to your information, just like most services you use on the Internet. Unfortunately, passwords provide a low level of security because they can be stolen by malware, malicious software programs like keystroke loggers that capture your login credentials as you type them and send them to hackers who can then access your information. If you want more security for protecting your information in the cloud, look for cloud computing providers that offer a digital security device you can use when you login, known as two-factor authentication. Examples includes one-time password (OTP) tokens to create a unique password every time you login, or smart card credentials or USB tokens that use cryptography and highly secure key exchanges to prove it is you. Including a device in the login process is far more secure than just a password, because it means a stolen password by itself cannot be used to access your information in the cloud. A good example is Gemalto's OTP for Amazon Web Services, a two factor authentication solution. Amazon is a leading provider of cloud computing and Gemalto is a leading provider of digital security solutions.

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