Lost my phone! What about my contacts?

We often ask ourselves what we should do to gain access to all of our contacts if we were to lose our cell phone or have it stolen. There are several ways of going about it, depending on the features of your cell phone, the PC software that comes with it and optional services from your cell phone carrier.

First, you can often make a copy of the information in your phone—contacts, messages, music and pictures—on your PC, using a cable or Bluetooth connection and software that came with your phone. For more information on how to do this, see “How do I keep a safe backup copy of all of my information on my cell phone, PDA or other electronic devices?

A second option: If your phone has a SIM and you store phone numbers and text messages in it, you can copy the data inside the SIM to your PC using a small device and special software, or copy the data to a back-up SIM. For more information on how to do this, see “How can I transfer my data including contacts and text messages stored in the SIM card into a new phone?”

A third option: Some cell phone operators offer an automatic backup service, usually for a small additional monthly fee. They keep a copy of your contacts and other information on their server, so if you lose your cell phone or it is stolen they can download the contacts and other information to your new phone/SIM. Contact your carrier for more information on their backup service options.

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