A Beginner’s Guide to Smart Home Technology

Smart homes, also known as connected homes, are growing in popularity. With devices available all over the house, you can create an efficient and IoT connected home with just a few gadgets. In this infographic, we take you through what your smart home could look like. To open the infographic as a PDF, please click … Continued

5G: The Complete Guide

5G is going to completely transform our relationship with technology. It will enable reliable real-time communication and connection and unlock a plethora of new services in smart cities. Our infographic is your guide to this new network generation. To view the infographic as a PDF, please click here.

Your Guide to the Connected Car

The connected car uses the power of the internet of things to connect one device to another, delivering comprehensive benefits to your in-car experience. Our infographic takes you through the various benefits of having a connected car but for more information, please check out our immersive microsite on connected cars! To view the infographic as … Continued

Spotting Email Scams

It is becoming increasingly difficult to spot whether an email is genuine. The scammers and hackers are very good at disguising their attacks in messages that look and feel just like the real thing. We have developed this guide to help you watch out for the warning signs that something is not right. To view … Continued

The A-Z of Biometrics

Biometrics is the science of analyzing physical or behavioral characteristics specific to each individual. The resulting biometric data can be used to authenticate someone’s identity. In the literal and most simple sense, biometrics means the “measurement of the human body”. Here is a graphic that explains how biometrics are applied in the real world.

What is a Connected Home?

The Internet of Things has enabled all sorts of products and devices in the home to be connected to the internet. These connected devices can communicate with each other, and be controlled remotely via the internet or smartphone app. Connected Homes offer consumers a whole new approach to everything from security and lighting to entertainment … Continued

How to create a secure password

We use passwords in all aspects of our digital lives, from logging in to our devices to accessing online services like banking or shopping. As such, having strong, secure passwords is crucial to keeping your online identity and accounts safe from cyber criminals. Here’s our guide to the factors you need to consider when creating … Continued