If I cannot have a smart bankcard, what are other safe ways to pay online?

PayPal is a good way to pay online because you do not have to give private credit card account information to an Internet retailer that is unknown to you. Other alternative payment options include BillMeLater and Google Checkout. In addition, some card issuers and retailers offer PIN code protection for online purchases. Branded as Verified By Visa  and MasterCard SecureCode, this optional feature gives you PIN protection when paying online. It’s easy to use. You just register your card and set up your PIN. After that, anytime you buy something online you have to enter your PIN code, giving you the same sort of dual factor protection you have on your ATM card. Although not all online retailers support it, a lot of big ones do. Since not all credit cards support it, you can follow the links above to find issuers that offer this protection.