How can I manage my wireless account?

You can manage your wireless account from your cell phone, land line phone or your wireless operator’s Web site or store.

Most wireless operators let you call customer service “air time free” from your cell phone by dialing #611. They also have several special three-digit numbers to call to check your minutes or account balance or make a payment. What you dial varies by carrier. For example, from your T-Mobile device, type #BAL# (#225#), and then press Send. For AT&T, call *BAL# (*225#) and at Verizon dial #BAL (#225).

Wireless operators have very rich support capabilities to manage your account on the Web. You will have to set up an online account and password. Once that is done you can do just about everything from checking your voice and data usage to adding new services or phones.

It is a good idea to go through the details of your recent bills with a live customer service representative every year or so. Carriers come out with new plans all the time and you might be able to add more services for the same money or learn how to reduce your bill by modifying your plan.


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T-Mobile customers with questions about their handset or service are encouraged to visit for the most frequently asked questions. T-Mobile provides customers with both a full service Web site and handset access to account information. They can simply log onto (click on My T-Mobile at the top right of the page) or by going to Customers who haven’t previously been to the site can take a tour prior to logging on to learn more about the options available.

An alternative way to managing accounts is straight from the cellular handset through My T-Mobile which is accessed through T-Zones (located on all T-Mobile handsets). My T-Mobile provides: current activity, bill summary, plan & services, frequently asked questions and the ability to find a retail store among other options.


1. – Minute balance: dial #MIN# (#646#) and then press Send.
2. – Account balance: dial #BAL# (#225#) and then press Send. They can view their current balance and the date their last payment was received.
3. – Messaging balance: dial #MSG# (#674#) and then press send.
4. – Minute usage for FlexPay or Prepaid account #999# and then press send.