How can I limit my child’s game time in Microsoft Windows?

Parental Controls, or Family Settings as it is called in Windows 8, are available to set specific time limits on when children are allowed to log on to the computer. You can set which hours the kids are allowed to log on for each day of the week. When their allotted time is up, they’ll be automatically logged off.

Here’s how to get started: Open system preferences and click to open Parental Controls. There will be a prompt to enter an administrator password or confirmation, then type the password or provide confirmation.

– Click the account that you want to set time limits for
– Under Parental Controls, click “On”
– Click Time limits
– In the grid, click the hours you’ll allow

Microsoft also offers activity reports, which allow you to see how much each person uses the computer. For more information, see Microsoft’s video Control when children can use the computer.


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