How can I access my cell phone data remotely?

One way to access your cell phone data remotely is with Web-based contact management, included as part of a backup service. AT&T and T-Mobile call it Mobile Backup, and at Verizon it is called Backup Assistant, for example. With this extra-cost service, you can remotely access and edit your contacts over the Web.

Another option is to synchronize your email, contacts and calendar between your phone and your PC or Web mail. Many cell phones today have these capabilities, as do all smartphones. To learn how to set this up, try searching “mobile email” or “email synchronization” on your carrier’s Web site. If you start using your phone for email, it’s probably a good idea to have unlimited email or data transfer as part of your service.

If you have your phone and are at your PC, use a Bluetooth or USB cable to directly connect your phone and your PC. This lets you move pictures and other data files back and forth.

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