The Experts Speak Out on Digital Security at Cartes 2010 in Exclusive Videos from

Last month, more than 20,000 people from 150 countries around the globe gathered in Paris, for the 2010 edition of the Cartes & Identification tradeshow. This expo brings together all the players in digital security, smart technologies, payment and contactless. With all these experts in one place, JustAskGemalto took the opportunity to film exclusive interviews with attendees at the event.

In the videos, JustAskGemalto talks digital security with visitors from Denmark to Indonesia, Kenya, Russia, the United States and many other countries. The result is a glimpse into the similarities and differences in digital life around the world and security advice direct from the industry. Some of the hot technologies they talk about include mobile and contactless payments, mobile money transfer, one-time passwords, biometrics etc.

The interviews, shown in two parts, give an overview of what the experts have to say about:

  • • How do we manage our digital lives?
  • • Practical tips for securing your digital life 

In a third video, JustAskGemalto focuses on online banking with an interview with John Ahlberg, the communications director for eBanking at Gemalto. In this segment, Ahlberg answers the most pressing questions consumers have today about banking online, like:

  • • What are the most common risks when banking online?
  • • How can I protect myself online?
  • • What security solutions are banks offering?

John Ahlberg, Communications Director for eBanking at Gemalto

CARTES 2010 is considered the biggest and best event for digital security, and JustAskGemalto is the only place you can find first-hand accounts of what the experts are really thinking and saying. Watch the videos and let us know whether you agree with them.