There are now many apps that can help you find your phone if it is lost or stolen. Some apps are free, like the Prey Project for Android devices, which lets let you remotely lock it, recover your contacts, erase personal information and even take a picture, maybe of the thief! Wireless phone companies also … Continued


You must get a passport for your child or children (under 16 years) if you plan to fly to another country. In the case of air travel, the United States will not allow any person (including children) to enter or re-enter the United States without a valid passport. If you are traveling by land and … Continued


Biometrics consists of using a part of you—a fingerprint, handprint, iris scan, voiceprint, even your DNA—to prove your identity. A fingerprint biometric can be used in two-factor authentication to identify you instead of, say, a PIN code. Or it can be required in addition to a PIN code, something known as multi-factor authentication. Security experts … Continued


If your phone is broken but has a SIM, you can get your contacts from the SIM card. See, How can I transfer my data including contacts and text messages stored in the SIM card into a new phone? Not sure if you have a SIM? Roughly half of U.S. cell phones have a SIM, … Continued


O conceito de Casa Conectada ou Casa Inteligente, antes restrito aos filmes de ficção científica, faz cada vez mais parte da vida real.


Uma startup canadense apela para o coração das pessoas com uma proposta um pouquinho mais ousada: a Bionym trabalha em um sistema para transformar o ritmo dos batimentos cardíacos de cada indivíduo em uma senha definitivamente pessoal.


The buzzwords “smart home” and the “Internet of things” refer to gadgets that can communicate with each other, smartphones and the cloud. Take Nest, which was bought by Google for $3.2 billion. It’s a thermostat that learns its owner’s preferences, sends data out for monthly energy reports and can be controlled via smartphone or tablet.


Nigeria – home to 160 million residents – is launching a national identity smart card that will include biometrics and an EMV payment application. At the end of August the first residents of Nigeria received their copy of the eID, a contact, polycarbonate smart card that replaced the current printed plastic identification document. 


Inspiration comes from a variety of sources, but movies can be particularly powerful for kids and teens. This list of movies can spur action. Many of these films have a specific aim to persuade viewers to think a certain way, so parents can help kids understand different sides of the issues as a means of … Continued


I’m often told how hard it is to parent in this digital age. So many decisions about devices, software, apps and games have to be made and at increasingly younger ages. Amazon and others have created tablets for preschool kids and parents are buying smartphones for kindergartners. And there’s a potty training app complete with … Continued