Can you really get a GPS device for tracking your valuable gadgets?

GPS tracking is available for your gadgets like your mobile phone or laptop. Some services are aimed at recovery if it’s lost or stolen. The first step is to register your GPS cell phone or laptop, but check out the fine print. It might not work unless the application is on, for example, making it pretty useless to find a lost phone with the power off or a stolen one if the thief knows to turn off the tracking app. On the other hand, if you want to know whether you left it in the office, the restaurant or the car, it might be just what you need.
One of the best options is an Apple iPhone application called Find My iPhone that lets you see your iPhone on a map, and remotely lock it so no one can use it, or even wipe all of the data off it.

Mobiwee is a similar free service for Apple iPhone, Blackberry and Android, which also lets you update contacts over the Internet. Make sure you have an unlimited data plan, though, because it puts your phone in constant contact with the Web site host.