Can I use my transit card or smart transit card for transportation systems other than in my city?

You can only use your transit card in your city. In some cities you can use the same card for different modes of transportation such as subways, buses and ferries.

Contactless transit cards and contactless bank cards are converging in the United States, however, as transit operators are moving toward “open payment.” This enables the use of bank-issued contactless credit or debit cards from American Express, Discover Network, MasterCard or Visa for direct transit fare payments without a separate transit fare card. This also paves the way for direct transit fare payments using mobile phones with Near Field Communications (NFC), which works with open contactless payments.

With open payment you would be able to use your bank card for travel in any city that supports it. Chicago, Philadelphia, Utah Transportation Authority and Washington D.C. are among the leading transit operators bringing open payment to their riders.

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