Has any U.S. bank started issuing chip cards?

Yes, several banks in the United States have started issuing EMV chip cards. According to the Smart Card Alliance, the cards and banks are:

American Express; Andrews Federal Credit Union; Bank of America; Chase; JPMorgan Palladium Card; JP Morgan Select Visa Signature card; Chase Hyatt Visa Signature Credit Card; Chase British Airways Visa Signature Credit Card; Citi; Citi Commercial Cards; Citi ExecutiveSM / AAdvantage® Card; Fifth Third Bank; Jack Henry & Associates Payment Processing Solutions; PSCU Financial Services; Silicon Valley Bank; Star One Credit Union; State Employees Credit Union; Travelex Cash Passport; United Nations Federal Credit Union; U.S. Bank; and Wells Fargo.

American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa have all announced roadmaps to migrate the U.S. to EMV chip cards, so if your bank is not on this list, it likely will be soon.

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