Are there organizations to help children cope with cyber bullying?

One organization working to reduce bullying in schools is New York-based CSEE (The Center for Social and Emotional Education).  It’s part of Teachers College at Columbia University and their mission is to improve the climate for learning in schools.  They teach students and adults how to stand up to bullying by: helping others who have been bullied, stopping untrue or harmful messages from spreading, making friends outside of current cliques and befriending new students.  (See the 10 ways to become an Upstander ).

The Teenangel program, created by, trains 13-18 year old volunteers to run programs in schools around the country to help make the Internet a safer place.  A Tweenangels program has been formed for those between ages of 7-12. was founded by cyber lawyer Parry Aftab to educate the public on the prevention and handling of cyber bullying and harassment.  They reach out to kids, parents, schools, the police and the media.