Are there family-friendly social networking sites to share photos and events?

There are family-friendly social networking sites that offer several social media components including “Friend” connections for sharing content, comments and photos.  Look for sites that are set-up for security so children are not able to share personal information.  Typically, a software download and install is necessary to run the application and the sites require registration and in some cases, paid membership.

TotSpot, an online scrapbook and social network for babies, is a free, family- and kid-friendly site where parents can set up an account and create profiles and Web pages for each of their children.  It’s similar to Facebook in that you can share photos and information about what your kids are doing by updating their “status.”  The site’s default privacy setting will prevent anyone from seeing your child’s page unless you explicitly invite them.  They also don’t claim ownership to the content you add.

KidZui and Kido’z  are online communities for children from ages 3-12 that give parents total control of what sites their children are viewing.  Parents set up the profiles and select the sites their children can visit.  Within the community, there are several social networking features including diaries, content sharing with “friends,” general blogging, photo share, Web site review blog and email.

KidsTube is a free, kid-oriented video upload site like YouTube, but with strict monitoring in place.  Each video is monitored ensuring a family-friendly experience.  Parent-registration is required as the site is not set up for the very young given that reading and logging in is necessary.  You can search for members, add friends, and kids 13 and older can post comments.