What type of data security policy should I put in place for my small business?

Data security is extremely important for your small business to avoid costly data breaches. The options available are numerous, but you can start with a few important steps to create a data protection policy, as recommended recently by freelance writer John Mello:

1. Pick someone to maintain the policy
2. Create a system for classifying data
3. Provide for periodic risk audits of your data to identify where sensitive data resides on your system, how it’s used and where it travels
4. Establish guidelines for employees for handling and protecting data
5. Define disciplinary measures for violating the policy
6. Impose restrictions on physical access to servers that store and process sensitive data
7. Create a plan for backing up sensitive data and make sure the backups are safe
8. Define requirements for reporting data breaches and for handling of incident
9. Make sure the policy is reviewed periodically so it is kept up to date and is amended to accommodate changing circumstances

Following these guidelines will help to keep your small business data secure.