What is an embedded SIM?

What is an embedded SIM?

We’ve been using SIM cards for decades, and they’ve been getting smaller and smaller as technology has advanced. Now, they’re about to go through another radical change.

The embedded SIM, also called eSIM is a reprogrammable chip that comes in different shapes and sizes. It can even be removable and soldered into the device. It offers new features that are useful for everyday consumers and also allows devices and machines in industries like automotive and wearables to connect to the Internet through the mobile network.

The embedded SIM is very smart and lets you change mobile operator by just updating the software settings. So if your contract on one network is finishing, and you’d like to swap to a new operator for a better deal, you will be able to have the new operator update your SIM over the air. No more swapping SIM cards!

For industries this is very useful, as you can put the chip in a machine, and protect it from heat or being bashed about by soldering it to the other computer chips. Then the owner can update his or her settings remotely, saving time swapping the cards, and ensuring that the SIM cannot be damaged.

The embedded SIM is just as secure as the normal SIMs you use every day, and if you’d like to know more, please visit the Gemalto website.