Can “Look-alikes” use e-passports?

The e-passport contains a high resolution facial image, as mentioned before, which can be displayed on the border officials screen in a much larger size. This definitely aids in the detection of "look-alikes". If a facial recognition system is used, there is probably even more chance of the criminal being detected. And if the e-passport contains a fingerprint or iris pattern, then, if this is used at the border, the "look-alike" will definitely be detected.

The automated immigration line at Sydney airport, "Smartgate", has facial recognition software which matches the facial image in the e-passport with the owner's face. If a perfect match is not obtained then he or she is referred to a Customs officer for manual processing. Smartgate also authenticates the data in the e-passport by checking the digital signature to make sure there has been no tampering of the facial image or the personal details.

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