5 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe on Instagram

Young people today love using social media to share pictures, post updates and keep in touch with their friends. But for parents, this can raise concerns over safety. Often, it’s difficult to tell when sharing strays into over-sharing or if they’re letting the internet know a little too much about their personal lives. Along with … Continued

Looking after your mental health on social media

The global rise of social media has meant that we are now more connected than ever before. In a matter of seconds, we can interact with other users from around the world. Social media platforms have their benefits, they help us to stay in touch with friends and family, keep updated with the latest news … Continued

Can I tell who’s been viewing my social media profile?

You might be interested in who’s been viewing your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile. Unfortunately, the only way of knowing is if someone interacts with your page – reacting to something you’ve shared or adding you as a friend. There are many fraudulent Facebook apps or plug-ins claiming to allow you to see who’s been … Continued

What to do if someone’s impersonating you on social media

Social media sites are fun ways to stay in contact with old friends, relatives and colleagues. As in life, though, there are some people who want to cause trouble. Sometimes, they might set up a fake profile which impersonates another user as a prank, or to mock them. If you spot somebody impersonating you on … Continued