Spotting Email Scams

It is becoming increasingly difficult to spot whether an email is genuine. The scammers and hackers are very good at disguising their attacks in messages that look and feel just like the real thing. We have developed this guide to help you watch out for the warning signs that something is not right.

Saving contacts to your SIM, phone, and email explained

If you have ever been confused about where to save a new mobile contact on your Android or iPhone, fear not – this guide is for you! There are many options and we’ll go through the pros and cons of each one. Android When you want to save a new number, you’ll be asked where … Continued

IoT Tech for the Home: Your Guide

The modern world demands technological innovation to improve the way we live our lives. Connected cars and readily-available Wi-Fi are making our cities smarter for us to use. Now, the technology—also known as The Internet of Things—is expanding into our homes. With the latest in this technology, we can now order our groceries, adjust the … Continued

Top tips for speeding up your computer

As society looks towards AI and robotics to increase our productivity and assist our everyday working and social life, experiencing a slow computer can appear to be something that shouldn’t happen anymore. Yet, this is a problem many needlessly face every day. Whether it is when starting up your laptop or flicking between applications on … Continued

Equifax hack: find out what to do if your data is compromised

Credit rating company Equifax has been the victim of a massive hack of its databases. The personal details of 143 million Americans and some from overseas were stolen. This is a particularly damaging attack as it included Social Security numbers, birth dates and addresses. Some credit card details of over 200 thousand people were also … Continued

How do I check if a website is down?

Sometimes when you are browsing the Web you’ll hit a website that looks like it’s offline. But how can you tell if it’s really down, or whether your connection is the problem. On Mobile and tablets (with SIMs) If you were using Wi-Fi, have you just walked out of range? Or is your Wi-Fi turned … Continued

How do I turn off location tagging on my smartphone camera?

Did you know that when you take a digital photograph, it’s possible that it can pinpoint exactly where you were in the world when you took it? That’s because every time you take a digital photo, the image file also contains something called EXIF data. EXIF data stores all sorts of other things to help … Continued

The dangers of public WiFi networks

Unsecured public Wi-Fi networks can be dangerous and expose your personal details for hackers to steal. Please don’t join them unless absolutely necessary. Here’s everything you need to know about why they are not safe.

Do my Snapchats really disappear?

We’ve talked about Snapchat on JustAskGemalto before. It’s a mobile messenger service which makes your photos and text messages disappear forever after a few seconds. You can also do other cool things like read the news in short clips, take photos with Augmented Reality filters and build your own “story” each day. Click here to … Continued

Facebook rocket icon: what is it and what is it for?

A select number of Facebook user has recent seen a rocket icon pop up in their apps. It looks like this: Facebook is always rolling out new features, and it’s a new idea that the company hopes will lead to a more engaging experience for their users. Here is their official statement on the icon: … Continued