The Future of Authentication

Ever since we started using the internet, passwords have been an unfortunate but necessary part of life. Over the years, as more and more of our lives moved to online – from shopping and banking to social media and streamed entertainment – keeping track of our passwords has become increasingly onerous. It’s a situation everyone … Continued

What is Amazon’s facial recognition tool – Rekognition?

Amazon Rekognition is a machine-learning and AI service that makes it easy for organizations to add image and video analysis to applications. Used mainly by IT teams, users can provide an image or video to the Rekognition API and in return the service will identify objects, people, text, scenes and activities. It can also detect … Continued

What is YouTube Go?

Google has created YouTube Go, an app which will bring the global video-sharing website offline and to a global audience. The app is designed for users who live in areas with poor internet connectivity and are concerned with their data usage. YouTube Go enables users to save and download videos for offline viewing, a service … Continued

What is Vero?

Dubbed as the new Instagram, Vero is the latest social media app which has risen to popularity in the App store. Launched in 2015, the network is not new, but is capitalizing on tensions between Instagram and its users. Vero allows users to share photos, create links and share book, movie and TV recommendations with … Continued

The A-Z of Biometrics

Biometrics is the science of analyzing physical or behavioral characteristics specific to each individual. The resulting biometric data can be used to authenticate someone’s identity. In the literal and most simple sense, biometrics means the “measurement of the human body”. Here is a graphic that explains how biometrics are applied in the real world.

What is coding?

Maybe you have read articles about it online, seen it on the news or overheard people discussing it – coding is everywhere. In its simplest form, code is language for computers and coding is the art of using this language to provide your computer with a set of instructions which it will follow. Code is … Continued

What is is a video social network app on iOS and Android that lets users, or musers as they’re known, create short videos from 15 seconds to a minute all set to music. These can then be shared to friends, and the platform has become wildly popular with teens who love to lip-sync to their favorite … Continued

What is Facebook Spaces?

As discussed previously, VR technology displays a 3D computer-generated dimension which can be explored by a person through a headset or glasses. Facebook purchased Oculus, a leading manufacturer and developer in VR software and headsets for two billion dollars back in 2014. The industry held its breath as it waited to see how Facebook would … Continued

The dangers of public WiFi networks

Unsecured public Wi-Fi networks can be dangerous and expose your personal details for hackers to steal. Please don’t join them unless absolutely necessary. Here’s everything you need to know about why they are not safe.

What are chatbots and how do they work?

We’re all now well used to using our mobile phones for almost every aspect of everyday life – booking holidays, transferring money, checking train times and our meeting schedule at work. In an effort to make life even easier, we’re now starting to see companies develop chatbots to help us find this information and complete … Continued