Black Friday 2019: Is it safe to buy and sell on Depop?

Often thought of as a mix between Instagram and eBay, the social shopping app Depop has become hugely popular in recent years with over 15 million users now using the platform to buy and sell their old clothes, or vintage items. Targeted mainly at Gen Z shoppers, who make up 90% of its users, the … Continued

What is card-not-present fraud?

Card-not-present fraud accounts for billions of dollars in losses worldwide for online merchants. We take a closer look at what it is in our latest post

What are corrupted files and how can I repair them?

Corrupted files are computer files that have suddenly become inoperable or unusable. Corruption can happen quickly and unexpectedly, leaving the user unable to open or access the file and data. If you’re experiencing troubles accessing a file but not sure if it’s corrupted, an easy way to check is if you’re receiving one of the … Continued

Is it safe to leave my phone on charge overnight?

With a variety of contradictory information in the public domain about the possible fire risks associated with charging your smartphone while unattended – such as when you sleep – it can be tricky to establish whether there is a safety risk associated with doing so. This post will help give you a better understand of … Continued