A Beginner’s Guide to Smart Home Technology

Smart homes, also known as connected homes, are growing in popularity. With devices available all over the house, you can create an efficient and IoT connected home with just a few gadgets. In this infographic, we take you through what your smart home could look like. To open the infographic as a PDF, please click … Continued

5G: The Complete Guide

5G is going to completely transform our relationship with technology. It will enable reliable real-time communication and connection and unlock a plethora of new services in smart cities. Our infographic is your guide to this new network generation. To view the infographic as a PDF, please click here.

Top three IoT trends that dominated 2018

At the beginning of 2017, Gartner research predicted that there will be 8.4 billion connected devices across industries at the end of that year. A year later, Statista more than doubled that number by suggesting that there are as many as 20 billion smart devices registered around the world. These numbers only confirm that the Internet of … Continued

The best Christmas tech gifts for 2018

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, so we’ve picked out a few connected gadgets for every tech lover in your family. Smart speakers for the music lover Sonos One is one of the most highly-rated speakers on the market. It’s very easy to use – you simply connect it … Continued

What is M2M?

Machine-to-machine, often referred to as M2M, is part of the Internet of Things applications and refers to the exchange of data and information between the industrials machines connected to the internet. These interactions happen through any communication channel, including wired and wireless. The connected objects create an intelligent network of ‘things’ or systems by capturing … Continued

What are digital license plates?

In our growing digital age, we have connected technology in the office, the home and on our wrists. Now, as the innovations behind the connected car begin to take shape, the latest development is the digital license plate. Currently trialing in Arizona and California in the US and also in Dubai, this new driver plate … Continued

Commercial Drones: What You Need to Know

Drones are very fun to use and fly in your garden, but you might not know that they are becoming increasingly popular amongst the business community. Businesses are now starting to use them to deliver food and packages, provide unique digital mapping and offer new ways to conduct surveillance. They’ve become so popular that just … Continued