What is Cryptocurrency mining?

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency which can be bought with actually money, traded online and exchanged for goods. It is commonly seen as a peer-to-peer (or person to person) version of electronic money. Currently, there are over one thousand different cryptocurrencies, but the most popular are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Crypto mining Cryptocurrencies … Continued

Is my child ready to own a mobile phone?

In today’s digital world, the growing number of connected devices means there’s often a concern about new security threats. From malware to phishing to targeted attacks, cybercrime is a very real hazard. But what does this mean for children who want to own their first phone? As a parent, how do you know they’re ready … Continued

Top tips for limiting your child’s screen time

Known as digital natives, young people today love using and learning about technology. It helps them stay informed with the wider world, speak with friends and play games. This is all crucial for their learning and development, but spending too much time on laptops, smartphones and tablets can have a negative effect too. It can … Continued

I’ve lost my contacts – how can I recover them?

In today’s digital world, losing your mobile contacts can appear to be a trivial issue, however it is a problem which is not going away. With all the focus on data consumption, camera quality and social media capabilities, it can be easy to forget that the contact list is one of the most valuable features … Continued

Why am I receiving so many emails about privacy policy?

In the past, we’ve explained what GDPR is and how it is changing the way companies look after and store your data. It came into force on 25th May, empowering EU citizens to take control of their data, and dictating how, where and which information about them is shared. For businesses found breaking the rules, … Continued

What is Cryptocurrency?

Maybe you’ve seen ads offering investment opportunities or have heard about them on the news and on social media – cryptocurrencies are certainly growing in popularity. They are a form of digital currency which can be bought with national money, traded online and exchanged for goods. They are commonly seen as a peer-to-peer version of … Continued

How to write in Bold, Italics and Strikethrough in WhatsApp

You may not be aware, but WhatsApp released an update last year which allows users to send messages in bold, italics and strikethrough. Here’s how to do it: Step 1. Launch WhatsApp messenger on your iPhone or Android. Step 2. Begin typing a message. Step 3. If you’d like your text to appear in bold, … Continued

What is a digital certificate?

A digital certificate is an electronic document that is used when communicating over the Internet, and allows you to confirm the identity of the sender. It contains a key which secures the exchange of information over the Internet. The mechanic to get a digital certificate is similar to obtaining a driver’s license or student ID. … Continued

Cambridge Analytica: What You Need To Know

A British data science company called Cambridge Analytica is at the center of an international political scandal. Cambridge Analytica has ties to both President Trump’s 2016 election campaign and the British referendum anti-EU campaign party Vote Leave. It has been accused of wrongfully harvesting people’s Facebook data for the benefit of these campaigns. Accusations state … Continued