How to set up the video platform Skype

Staying in touch with your relatives can be difficult if they live far away or you can’t go and visit them. Platforms like Skype are a great solution to this problem, allowing you to call your friends and family easily and, for no charge. In this post we discuss how you can get yourself on … Continued

How to use AirDrop on your Apple devices

One of the reasons many of us find technology so useful in our day-to-day lives is the ability to share content with one another. For example, we can share our location to meet with friends, notes we’ve taken on our device, and photos from parties, all with the touch of a button. Unfortunately, this process … Continued

How to turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot

We’ve all been there… you want to use your laptop but are unable to access any secure public Wi-Fi. Or, maybe your friend has run of data and needs to find an urgent online booking reference – and there are no public Wi-Fi networks in sight. Well, luckily, many smartphones today allow you to use … Continued

How to recycle your old mobile phone

You may be surprised to learn that the average person gets a new mobile phone every 18 months. As such, it is estimated that some 77 million phones are lying around unused in the UK alone. With these astonishing numbers only likely to increase in the future, it is important to realise that throwing your … Continued

How to screenshot on your Mac and PC

It can be confusing to work out how to screenshot on different devices, so we’ve listed out the process for your Mac and PC in our latest post

How to spot a viral hoax

With the number of viral hoaxes on the rise, we look how to spot them and avoid being caught out