What are virtual car keys?

Cars are changing rapidly, as we discussed in this post about connected and driverless vehicles. Traditionally we’ve opened our car doors with a physical set of keys, but this feature is evolving as well. The rise of the smartphone means there are now easier and more secure ways to open your vehicle. It’s called a … Continued

What is mixed reality?

You’ve probably heard of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, two emerging technologies which have revolutionary potential. To summarize these quickly, Augmented Reality involves a virtual display being overlaid on a physical setting, while Virtual Reality transports the user into a completely fabricated 3D environment, which makes it popular in the video gaming world. Mixed reality … Continued

What is a digital signature?

Our signature is our unique identifier. For years and years, the autograph was the ultimate prize for anyone looking for a personal memory from a celebrity. A quick look at a famous person’s Wikipedia page will often show you their signature on the right-hand side. Can you guess who these belong to? Answers at the … Continued

Can I vote electronically in an election?

We’ve spoken before on JAG about eVoting. As our mobile phones and tablets become increasingly important to our everyday lives, it makes sense for governments to shift public services towards these platforms. So, why can’t there be an option to cast a vote remotely? Find out in our blog post if you’re in an eVoting … Continued