Can 5G affect my health?

For all the benefits of 5G over 4G, including faster speeds, lower latency and greater use cases, some have expressed concerns that it could impact your health. While worries about the impact of mobile radiation on the body are not new, they have arisen once more following the rollout of 5G in multiple cities across … Continued

5G: The Complete Guide

5G is going to completely transform our relationship with technology. It will enable reliable real-time communication and connection and unlock a plethora of new services in smart cities. Our infographic is your guide to this new network generation. To view the infographic as a PDF, please click here.

How can I quickly free up space on my phone?

Anyone with a smartphone will be very familiar with seeing the dreaded “storage almost full” message flash up on the screen. For those who have ignored these warning signs long enough, it may even read “storage full”. Running out of memory can be quite annoying and disruptive, particularly if it happens just before you need … Continued

What is the biometric payment card and how does it work?

When we think of biometrics, we still often think of a science fiction future where our physical characteristics and behaviors identify us without us having to do anything. We’re not at that stage yet, but chances are that you are already using biometric tech without really realizing it. Most smartphones today require you to rest … Continued