Useful summer holiday gadgets available in 2019

With the summer upon us once more, many of us will be starting to create that mental checklist about what to pack for the holidays. And while remembering your devices might not be as important as your passport, with technology increasingly at the center our lives, having your gadgets with you can certainly make your … Continued

What is Brazil’s LGPD and what does it mean?

Soon new data protection regulations will come into force in Brazil. Read on to find out all about the LGPD – Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados – and what it means for those who fall under its jurisdiction.

Can 5G affect my health?

For all the benefits of 5G over 4G, including faster speeds, lower latency and greater use cases, some have expressed concerns that it could impact your health. While worries about the impact of mobile radiation on the body are not new, they have arisen once more following the rollout of 5G in multiple cities across … Continued