How to screen record on iPhone, Mac, Android and PC

Video has become a much larger part of our lives in recent years. It used to be that people just wanted to take a screen shot or print screen. But things have moved on and now it’s all about video. You might want to show your friend how to do something, or you might want … Continued

Is my child ready to own a mobile phone?

In today’s digital world, the growing number of connected devices means there’s often a concern about new security threats. From malware to phishing to targeted attacks, cybercrime is a very real hazard. But what does this mean for children who want to own their first phone? As a parent, how do you know they’re ready … Continued

What is smishing?

Smishing has become a growing threat due to the frequent use of mobile phones, but what exactly is it? We explain in our post.

How to check if my home Internet/ Wi-Fi network has been hacked

If your home internet or WiFi network has been slower than usual lately, this might be because it has been compromised. The hacker might be using your network to do various things including illegal downloads of entertainment files like music playlists and videos, and even stealing your personal information. So how can you check if … Continued

What is voice recognition software and how does it work?

Digital voice assistants are getting more and more popular, changing the way we search, shop and access online services. Devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home have started to become an integral part of every smart home or office, with voice-enabled smart speakers predicted to reach 55% of US households by 2022. Their popularity is … Continued

Where should you store your photos now that Flickr has been acquired?

It was recently announced that photo hosting company SmugMug has acquired Flickr, bringing two photography communities together. So, what’s changing and how is this going to affect the stack of photographs you store on these platforms? SmugMug have said that they do not intend to merge the two companies into one, which means that they’ll … Continued

Is my smartphone listening to me?

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re talking to a friend about your next holiday, for example, and the next time you use the search engine on your smartphone or one of the social media apps, you’re served up adverts about holiday destinations? There are thousands of cases where people claim that they … Continued