What is Microsoft’s Hardware Authentication Key?

Microsoft has revealed a new technology that will allow 800 million users to log on to their accounts, including Outlook, Office 365, OneDrive, Skype and Xbox Live, without inputting a password. Instead, users can plug a physical hardware key into the USB ports on home laptops and tablets, or connect it by Bluetooth to a … Continued

What is voice recognition software and how does it work?

Digital voice assistants are getting more and more popular, changing the way we search, shop and access online services. Devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home have started to become an integral part of every smart home or office, with voice-enabled smart speakers predicted to reach 55% of US households by 2022. Their popularity is … Continued

What is a digital driver’s license?

As our lives become increasingly connected, we are growing more and more accustomed to using digital services in our everyday life. As such, smartphones have joined our wallet and keys as necessary things you can’t leave the house without. With apps helping us complete our shopping and virtual wallets common, it seems the next logical … Continued

What is an app-only bank?

The widespread use of smartphones and tablets has led to the digitization of many services. Now you can shop, pay your bills and even bank by only using your smartphone. Just like cash machines negate the need to visit the branch during open hours to withdraw money, the Internet is challenging the assumption that we … Continued

How can I spot a fake app?

Today, apps are everywhere. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet probably has many apps installed for everything from games and entertainment to shopping and productivity. However, with millions being spent on apps every day, there’s a growing threat of counterfeit phone apps which are not always easy to spot. But there are steps you can … Continued

Mobile Biometric Authentication Explained

Passwords are certainly not as secure as they once were. Recently, the founder of an influential guide to computer passwords stated that he regretted his original tips as they are now out of date. As cyber security becomes an increasingly hot topic with breaches now a regular occurrence, companies are having to be innovative and … Continued

The A-Z of Biometrics

Biometrics is the science of analyzing physical or behavioral characteristics specific to each individual. The resulting biometric data can be used to authenticate someone’s identity. In the literal and most simple sense, biometrics means the “measurement of the human body”. Here is a graphic that explains how biometrics are applied in the real world.

How does a fingerprint reader work?

Fingerprint scanning is a form of physiological biometrics that analyzes your physical characteristics in order to authenticate your identity. Basically, it recognizes that your fingerprint belongs to you and no one else. Everyone has unique, identifying marks on their fingers which are used to create a fingerprint. These cannot be changed or removed and so … Continued

Keystroke Dynamics: Your Guide

At its most fundamental level, biometrics is the measurement of the human body and so, biometric authentication is a method of verifying an identity based on your unique, individual characteristics. Keystroke dynamics is a form of biometric authentication. However, biometric authentication has two key approaches: physiological biometrics and behavioral biometrics. Physiological biometrics uses your biological … Continued

What is SIM Swap Fraud?

As banking services expand online and away from the brick-and-mortar branch, banks have had to implement new identification procedures to protect accounts against identity theft and fraud. New security challenges have arisen with this move, however. Banks must ensure that the user logging in is who they say they are, and often this requires more … Continued