Are there family-friendly social networking sites to share photos and events?

There are family-friendly social networking sites that offer several social media components including “Friend” connections for sharing content, comments and photos.  Look for sites that are set-up for security so children are not able to share personal information.  In Europe, kids are having a lot of fun using avatars to play games and communicate with one another.  Here are some of the most popular Web sites: – a virtual world where kids adopt penguin avatars.  They can chat to friends, play games, explore, collect coins and even personalize their own igloo.  The site is committed to the safety of the kids that participate, and parents can set rules for chat and set a timer for how long children can play. – Moshi Monsters is a free online game for kids, where they may adopt a monster and look after it.  With parental consent, children are able to invite friends into their network, and communicate with kids in their network through features like the "pin board" or the Moshi Monster Forum.  All of these features are heavily moderated and require parent participation. – a virtual world where children and teens socialize with each other using personalized avatars.  Habbo is moderated every hour it is open by a team of trained adults.  Users can get help from moderators at any time they are inside Habbo by using a clearly marked '?' button.  Habbo also offers users a great guide to safety practices here:
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