I had a error message: "SIM Card Memory Full" What do I do?

The SIM has reached its capacity. To fix it, delete unneeded saved text messages and contact entries. If your SIM card's memory is full then please contact your operator who should be able to change you card for a newer one with a larger capacity.
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15.07.2013 | Roxanne wrote:

What if you still need access to some of the text messages? I do have google of course synced to my phone so that I can access the text messages through google on my pc but I need access to 'some' of the text messages on my phone (in my phone carriers original text platform) as this is a crucial matter for my business. I'm learning the hard way with my sim card giving this same exact message. The message though, in fact went away once I was able to sync google to my new phone that I got as a replacement in the mail today. I suspect that my sim card is still quite full at this point. I can't get access to my old text messages since they did not 'come over' to my new phone. Is the best route just to connect my phone via usb to my computer and try to find access to the texts on my sim? I still need to get to them specifically through the sim so that I can have some of them restored, but to my new phone now. I'd imagine with all the coding tricks out there that there ought to be a way to access my sim via computer.... what are your recommendations?

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