How do I keep my personal information private among my friends on social networking sites?

You can use privacy settings to control who views your information and status updates. First give some thought to how accessible you want your personal information, phone number and photos. Do you want your tagged photos visible to certain individuals or group lists? You can set your profile to be private so only your friends can see it. With Twitter, you can lock your account so that only approved followers can see your tweets. Once logged in to any social networking site, there’s a option given at the top or bottom of your home and profile pages. This is where you add photos, videos or text updates.

How do you prevent a tagged photo or video from showing up in all of your friends news feeds? Here’s how to keep all tagged photos private: Go to your profile privacy page and change the setting for “Photos Tagged of You.” Select the “Customize” option and when the dialog box pops up, choose “Only Me” and “None of My Networks.” Don’t forget about your photo albums. You’ll need to fine-tune your settings to make them private on an album-by-album basis.

New since June 25th Facebook has a new privacy setting where you are able to grant access, depending on your selection to:

1) everyone

2) specific groups or

3) one individual