How do I block selected websites from my child?

One easy way to block selected sites from your child if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer is with the built-in Content Advisor tool. Select Tools/Internet Options and then select the Content tab. Choose Enable and on the Ratings tab you can set filters to block nudity, profanity, sex and violence. You can raise or lower the level of filtering with a slider bar. Click on the Approved Sites tab and you can add specific sites that are always viewable or never viewable regardless of their rating. Then go to the General tab and set a password so your child cannot override the setting. Be aware Content Advisor filtering works for all users.

Not all browsers have parental controls built-in, so to control older children who know how to install programs in Windows systems, you can also use User Accounts to set different rules for family members. For more information, read the focus Internet Safety for Families.

Another option to consider for younger children is a Web-based service such as KIDO’Z , a kid’s Web environment based on a graphical interface which does not require any reading or writing capabilities Children from more than a 100 countries worldwide are using it and the parental interface is available in 17 different languages with content localized by more than 160 languages. Team members moderate all content items before they become public and Parental Control provide advanced security settings that allow parents to adjust the level of security according to their specific needs and beliefs.

There are many programs available, such as NetNanny, McAfee Family Protection, and CyberPatrol, and this comprehensive list of filtering and monitoring software is maintained as a public service.