Facebook family privacy: What are the 5 major settings to look at?

With Facebook, it is extremely important to review your privacy settings for both you and your family to make sure that only the people you want to view your profile can do so. There are five major settings to review:

• Personal Information and Posts – Controls who can see your photos and videos, and who can post to your wall
• Contact Information – Controls who can contact you on Facebook and see your contact information and email
• Friends, Tags and Connections – Controls whether your friends, tags and connections display on your profile
• Search – Controls who can see your public profile in search result on Facebook and in search engines
• Applications and Websites – Controls what information is available to Facebook-enhanced applications and websites

To find these settings, go to “Privacy Settings” under your “Account” tab. You can choose a single setting for whom you want to share all your information on Facebook. Choices are “Friends,” “Friends of Friends,” or “Everyone.” For the highest level of privacy for you and your family, allow “Friends Only” to see all parts of your profile. Alternatively, you can choose your preferences within each section. For most, you can choose “Everyone, “Friends of Friends,” “Friends Only,” or “Customize” where you can choose friends to see (or not see) certain parts of your profile.

Finally, you also have a “Block List” feature in your privacy settings. If you choose to block people, you cannot interact with them on Facebook at all.


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