Payment cards with PIN code

Payment cards are so convenient that is hard to imagine living without them. Payment cards offer a simple means of payment: after inserting the card into a reader, the user enters the PIN code and receives a payment authorization receipt, assuming of course that the bank does not refuse the transaction.

What happens between the moment you insert your card in the reader and the moment the transaction is accepted? To use a payment card in a store, the retailer must be equipped with a card reader, which has replaced the previous manual charge plates. The reader verifies the information contained in the smart card's memory. If this first authentication is successful, the user is asked to enter his or her PIN code; otherwise the transaction is aborted. If the PIN code entered by the user is identical to the one stored on the chip when it was manufactured, then the card reader calls a control center.

The information contained on the smart card is authenticated for a third time. If all is in order, then the transaction is approved. Note that in France, credit cards are called "Carte Bleue". The rest of the world, including other French-speaking countries, uses the term payment or credit cards.

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