Are there websites where travelers are sharing their experiences and where I can get advice on international payment?

There's a tremendous amount of discussion on websites and blogs from travelers who've found that their credit cards aren't accepted everywhere as they once were while traveling overseas. The problem is reportedly getting worse as more than 22 countries have moved to EMV credit cards. EMV is a payment standard adopted by MasterCard, Visa, American Express and JCB to ensure that credit cards with chips in them work with point-of-sale terminals and ATMs anywhere in the world. is a resource for people to learn more and to take action. Archived on the site is a free Webcast entitled, "What you need to know about your credit card before traveling abroad." You can also comment on the site; share your story and give feedback that may be used to drive industry research to make traveling abroad more convenient and secure. By doing this, you will also receive first hand updates as this technology shift quickly unfolds.

You can also visit online travel forums where conversations on this subject are taking place, such as at;;;; and
In addition, The Visa website gives instructions on what to do if you run into this situation:

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