stolen passport

How long does it take to apply for a biometric passport?

As is currently the case for electronic passports, receiving a biometric passport will depend on the issuing authority. You should expect it to about one month for your application to be processed (although this depends on the country). With the introduction of biometric passports, the checks carried out by the issuing authorities are more detailed, which could lengthen the application process. However, under exceptional circumstances and in cases of pressing need or proven emergencies, temporary passports, valid for one year, may be issued.

I am overseas and my passport was stolen (or lost), who do I call first?

First report a lost or stolen passport to the local police in the area in which the loss or theft occurred. Then immediately contact your country's nearest embassy or consulate. In order to protect yourself from identity fraud it is important to report a lost or stolen passport immediately. Start the replacement passport process as soon as possible.

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